We specialize in serving professionals (such as those in management, tech, medicine, law, blue-collar, etc.) who are also small business owners and are still actively working. Whether they have a consulting business, engage in real estate, or pursue a side gig, our services are specifically designed to meet their distinct financial needs.

Our ideal client profile has at least 2 of the 3 characteristics

We do our best work with people in the context of a liquidity event (e.g. stock compensation tax planning, planning for a sale of business) or a specific financial planning need (e.g. retirement planning).

Qualities we look for in a client

Nice people

This might sound cliché, but we will only work with genuinely nice people with whom we share a mutual respect.

Looking for a trusted advisor

Our clients understand that the success of their retirement is too important to be doing it themselves, and they understand the value of having expert guidance.

Progressing through their career OR close to retirement

We cater to individuals who are in the mid-stages of their professional careers. These include professionals like doctors, lawyers, engineers, and corporate executives who are progressing in their fields and have growth potential.

We also help people who are very close to retirement (typically 5 years or less). This allows us to tailor our service and expertise to the unique needs of retirees.

Diligent saver

Typically, our clients are high-income earners, making over $250,000 annually. They have achieved a considerable level of financial success and possess a keen understanding of the distinct financial challenges that accompany higher earnings. Their substantial income empowers them to approach wealth accumulation and preservation with strategic thinking.

For those who are nearing retirement, their commitment to diligent saving and frugal living throughout their lives has resulted in the accumulation of a retirement nest egg of at least $500,000.

While we certainly work with individuals earning less or with smaller nest eggs, our expertise and services tend to provide greater value to those on the higher end of the spectrum.