The principles, the process, and tools behind what we do

Financial Planning Principles

1. People Over Numbers

While our financial plans encompass various aspects such as cash flow, tax planning, estate planning, investment analysis, and risk management, we focus on aligning these plans with your core values and life goals. Our aim is not just to maximize your net worth, but to maximize life impact and the probability of achieving what matters most to you.

2. Action Over Analysis

Rather than producing binders full of complex charts, we focus on creating one-page actionable plans. Our objective is to help you organize your finances and accomplish your tasks, as opposed to serving merely as a calculator or a sounding board. We provide a portal where clients can track current action items and upcoming tasks.

4. Financial Planning is for Everyone

We believe financial planning services should be accessible to all, regardless of their stage in wealth building or age. We cater to individuals who are early in their financial journey, offering services tailored to their unique financial concerns.

5. Open Communication

We strive to understand your dreams, goals, and challenges. By asking the right questions, we can help you uncover your goals and make informed decisions about how to achieve them. We encourage you to share openly about your financial situation, as it aids us in providing the most appropriate advice.

6. We Do What Works

We adopt an evidence-based approach to investing and financial planning. Our team members are equipped with the education, experience, and expertise needed to provide you with qualified and thorough advice. We refrain from following market trends or promoting the latest investment products unless they align with your specific financial needs.

6. Ongoing Iterative Process

Financial planning is not a one-off task. Life changes and unforeseen circumstances require constant adjustments. Your financial plan must be flexible and adaptable to these changes. Remember, it's the process, not just the plan, that counts.

7. 100% Fiduciary and Fee-only

We are paid directly by our clients, ensuring unbiased advice. Our transparent flat rates are based on the complexity of your situation, and cover both financial planning and investment management services, regardless of account size.


1. Introductory Call

Agree on the scope of work, timeline, and fees. Sign the following documents:

  • Financial Planning Agreement

  • Investment Advisory Contract.

2. Sign the Agreements

Learn some background information about your past experiences with money and get a big picture view of what you hope to accomplish moving forward

3. Discovery Meeting

Gather all the necessary documents and critical information, integrate data with various platforms, and calendarize future meetings

4. Document Gathering and Data Integration

We review your federal and state tax returns to determine if there are any strategies we can utilize to decrease your tax burden and figure out what your long-term tax rates are for the financial plan

5. Tax Planning

We review your federal and state tax returns to determine if there are any strategies we can utilize to decrease your tax burden and figure out what your long-term tax rates are for the financial plan

6. Investment Review

We’ll create a holistic strategy for your investments that carefully considers all of your goals, risk factors, and return expectations.

At Wealth Habits, we understand that markets can be quite moody, exhibiting both efficiency and occasional unpredictability. Therefore, we advocate for a balanced approach that incorporates both active and passive investment strategies, recognizing the strengths and limitations of each.

Our investment strategy is rooted in academic research and emphasizes capturing the dimensions of higher expected returns in the global financial markets

Here are the key components of our investment strategy:

  • Market-Based Approach: We believe that markets are highly competitive and efficiently incorporate all available information. Rather than trying to outguess the market or time it, we focus on capturing the returns associated with different dimensions of risk and return that exist in the market.

  • Valuation-Based Investing: Wealth Habits employs a valuation-based approach to investing, which involves targeting specific companies at discounted valuations that are expected to drive returns over the long term.

  • Diversification: Wealth Habits emphasize the importance of diversification in managing risk. By investing in a broad range of asset classes, regions, and securities, we aims to reduce the impact of individual company or market-specific risks.

  • Efficient Trading: Our investment strategy is rooted in a cost-effective trading approach. By utilizing technology and trading expertise, we try to minimize trading costs and market impact, which can improve net returns for investors.

  • Long-Term Perspective: We encourage investors to maintain a long-term perspective and avoid making impulsive investment decisions based on short-term market fluctuations. We believe that staying disciplined and adhering to a well-defined investment strategy can lead to better outcomes over time…

7. Investment Review

We calculate the ideal savings for your retirement and develop a realistic plan to achieve a financially successful retirement

8. Other Financial Planning Areas

Analysis and recommendations of

  • Insurance review and recommendations

  • College savings plan (determination of annual savings, lump sums, and the ideal investment approach for each child)

  • Employee benefits review

  • Cash flow analysis

  • Spending and savings plan

  • Freelance business consulting

  • Home purchase analysis

9. Year-End Checkup

Practice some good financial hygiene to set yourself up for a more productive year, especially at tax time. We also coordinate with your tax accountant in preparing your return

Ongoing Financial Planning Process